CompOps 2023, a virtual summit for Sales Comp and RevOps professionals
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Panel: RevOps—The Driving Force Behind Enterprise Sales Agility

The unpredictability of the past few years has shown us that sales agility is paramount. And it’s arguably more achievable than ever before – thanks to RevOps! Today’s top companies lean on RevOps as a partner that connects and guides GTM strategy.

Panel: How to Manage Career Growth for Your Sales Comp Team

Behind every successful leader is a strong team. But not all teams are strong from day one. The best sales comp leaders consistently prioritize team development and career growth, relentlessly driving their teams to enhance their skills, and strive for continuous improvement.

Panel: The Role of RevOps in Decreasing Sales Rep Turnover

Setting fair quotas, designing motivational comp plans, providing proper sales tools and enablement – these all have a major impact on sales rep retention and are influenced by RevOps. Getting these right can make or break the seller experience and directly affect tenure. 

Panel: The Behavioral Science Behind Incentives

Learn about the psychology behind sales incentives and what really drives sales rep behavior with professors Michael Ahearne of University of Houston and Nick Lee of Warwick Business School in our most popular panel discussion to date. 

Webinar: Predicting the Unpredictable

Join Eric Doan (CFO, Orchard Software), Nabeil Alazzam (CEO, and Kyle Webster (Chief of Staff, as they discuss creating forecast models that work (45:40)

Video: Impact at Edmentum

Ryan Hagedorn, COO of Edmentum explains how they were able to partner with to help them deliver comp information to the business faster. (2:05)

Webinar: Create SPIFs with Guaranteed ROI 

Join Nabeil Alazzam (CEO, and Kyle Webster (Chief of Staff, to discuss the problems with SPIF programs, the vision for what SPIFs could be and some examples of SPIFs done well (57.06)

Video: Autodesk success story 

Dr Robert Bieshaar, Senior Director for WW Sales Compensation and Acquisitions at Autodesk, as he tells the story of how Autodesk came to choose Forma for their Sales Compensation needs (3:56)

Webinar: Can HR Own Sales Compensation? 

Join Justin Lane (VP, Professional Services at as he examines this important question and looks at how some organizations are shifting the responsibility for sales compensation to HR. (56:13)

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