The Role of RevOps in Decreasing Sales Rep Turnover: Target Setting, Motivational Comp Plans, and More

When top sellers leave a company, it can be a nightmare for Sales teams. Performance dips, morale wanes, and numbers are missed.

But what if this disruption was avoidable? Enter RevOps.

Setting fair quotas, designing motivational comp plans, providing proper sales tools and enablement – these all have a major impact on sales rep retention and are influenced by RevOps. Getting these right can make or break the seller experience and directly affect tenure.

Watch our panel discussion to learn about:

☑️ Optimizing compensation and incentive plans
☑️ Creating fair and equitable quotas/territories
☑️ Tracking performance data and making it accessible to reps
☑️ Streamlining processes to make it easier for reps to focus on selling

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