for Human Resources teams

Retain and motivate talent with transparent, timely compensation helps total rewards leaders develop compensation strategies that drive performance, enhance employee experience, and simplify payroll and compliance.

Automate sales compensation
with full visibility for compliance

Oversee effective comp strategy

Leverage one unified platform with machine learning, modeling, and analytics to design, test, and rollout effective incentive plans. Sharpen talent’s focus with precision incentive plans, optimized SPIFs, competitive leaderboards, and more.

Ensure compliance and governance

Easily comply with local regulations, works councils, and international pay legislation with built-in controls around predictability of changes, payouts, and spend. From plan acceptance, sign-offs, and payroll validations—there’s a protocol and audit trail for every change.

Streamline payroll to build trust

Say goodbye to manual calculations and analysis outside of an ICM system. Now deliver timely, accurate payments to your sales teams and handle disputes and exceptions quickly. integrates directly with your HRIS/payroll systems, reduces administrative overhead, and eliminates costly errors.

One powerful SPM platform for everything you need brings together all SPM data, functions, and stakeholders into one place to unify the intelligent design, testing, rollout, and optimization of sales compensation and incentives. 

With your organization and data in sync for all things territory, quota, and incentives, you can extract payroll info with ease and deploy new comp ideas to impact business objectives fast.

Motivate and guide talent with customized dashboards’s customized dashboards for reps, managers, and executives show each team member exactly what they need to impact business strategy and drive the right revenue-focused outcomes.
You can build and test strategic plans with simulations, effectively communicate comp as part of total rewards programs, then transparently show individual progress to sellers.

Enterprise grade compliance with full audit trails

In, all changes are tracked. You get an immutable record and exportable audit log. With end-to-end encryption, granular permissions, and customizable approval workflows, you ensure the highest compensation compliance standards for the modern enterprise. is SOC2 Type 1 & 2 compliant and adheres to strict security controls.

Seamless payroll delivery and dispute resolution

Connecting your SPM systems, ensures compensation outputs are tested and verified before deployment for predictable, accurate calculations. ​

With clear change-request states in the Workflow System, build trust with simplified dispute resolution. Sales reps simply submit a ticket tagged to a specific transaction and it’s routed correctly with a complete audit trail.

FAQ is built upon a unique and completely unified rule structure, where users do not need to create or code formulas for calculation rules from scratch, but instead define parameters and select the rule objects from an existing library. This allows users to easily and rapidly translate any comp plan idea or change directly into rule logic without technical knowledge or configuration.

Learn more allows for unlimited modeling and forecasting while never affecting the latest approved commission run that participants are seeing. New plan designs can be financially modeled and tested directly within the platform using different sets of data, rules, and other parameters. Once a change has been modelled and the financial impact understood, changes can be merged into the production commission run seamlessly.

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Change is the only constant in sales compensation. has a robust end-to-end workflow system that allows teams to automate andorchestrate the simplest to most complex sales compensation tasks. Example use cases include automating commission exceptions, financial processes like payroll / accruals, making territory changes, and so much more.

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3 Ways HR Can Help Optimize Sales Compensation Strategies – Lessons from a Total Rewards Leader

We recently spoke with a Total Rewards leader about the latest SPM best practices and how HR can help optimize sales compensation strategies.

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

Sales Operations

Drive revenue with SPM as agile as your enterprise. brings all SPM activities and data under one dynamic platform.


Better predict sales revenue and control comp spend with detailed audit trails, custom reporting, and precise analytics.