Automate incentive comp management from end-to-end  

Everything your enterprise needs to run an agile sales comp process. From enterprise-grade data management, to ICM automation, to reporting, compliance, rep dashboards, and everything in between, is the most comprehensive ICM solution for the enterprise.

Data Management

Flexible and Limitless Integrations has over 200 pre-built integrations available to connect seamlessly to any data source that powers your business, including CRM, ERP, HRIS, and more.   

Hassle-free ETL and Data Transformation

Pre-processing data to load into ICM tools can be a major pain point for comp and IT teams. provides comprehensive data transformation capability, without the need for technical expertise—no matter the scale and complexity of your data.

Data Validation and Accuracy

Data errors can be difficult to flag, often caught too late once payouts have been submitted.’s validation engine allows you to create customized checks and balances across your ICM data. With automatic notifications and workflow routing to the correct stakeholder for review, proactively ensure your data is error-free, and accurate.

Period Flexibility

Prior period adjustments and retroactive changes can be a headache for comp teams. allows users to easily change historical rules, calculations, and data with specified start and end dates to only impact a specific snapshot in time.

Next Generation ICM Automation

Comp Plan Management

Customize your incentive plan review, approval, and sign-off process all through one singular platform. Automate the end-to-end workflow of incentive plans—from creating, to modifying, to assigning and tracking acceptance from sales.

Seamless Rule Changes

Leave manual configuration in the past. uses AI to automatically configure any change on the fly. From quota updates, territory changes, or even plan changes—simply define parameters for the change you need in plain text and let do the rest.

Agile SPIF Management

Most organizations resort to calculating SPIFs manually, even with an ICM system. With’s AI rule configuration, rapidly build and launch SPIFs to motivate reps with visualizations front and center on their dashboards.

Complex Crediting and Territory Models? No problem. can manage hierarchy and complex sales assignments with ease at any level of granularity. Our sales crediting functionality is directly integrated into ICM with enterprise-grade processing power to credit, calculate, and manage any amount of data or complexity under one hood.

ICM Orchestration and Workflow

A Control Center for Every Change

Stay in control of every change made in with our Change Request System. Full visibility to every configuration change, communication, approval, and calculation allows you to orchestrate from above and streamline your entire ICM process.

Comprehensive Workflow for Task Automation

Automate routine sales compensation tasks throughout your entire ICM workflow. Using AI, understands the context of requests, updates rule parameters, tests the financial impact, and streamlines approvals for everything from payout exceptions to reassigning territories.

Disruption-free Dispute Management

Avoid painful back-and-forth with payees using our workflow system for dispute resolution. Payees can submit a dispute tagged to specific transaction(s) and have it routed correctly for resolution, providing a complete audit trail for all changes and eliminating time away from selling.

Enterprise-Level Audit and Governance

All changes and updates through are tracked providing an immutable record and audit log exportable for strict compliance requirements. With end-to-end encryption and numerous security features, assists customers in meeting the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, among other compliance standards.

Approvals and Stakeholder Management helps you bring the right stakeholders together in a centralized place—away from bloated email threads and messages in Teams or Slack. Deliver payroll on time and move the ship forward with customized approvals and automated notifications.

Motivate the Field

Dynamic and Tailored Dashboards

Ensure your reps understand their plans fully and focus on the right areas at the right times. Sales team dashboards are dynamically generated based on each sellers comp plan, so they have full clarity on how their output translates to their pay.

Leaderboards and President’s Club

Team-based incentives, leaderboards, and gamification in help to drive friendly competition and motivate reps to go above and beyond.

Estimator and Pipeline Views

Our dashboard components are also designed to drive motivation in your sales team—highlighting where reps need to focus and what actions they need to take to maximize earnings and increase sales performance.

Custom Reporting

Leadership and Performance Dashboards

Make data-driven decisions with our Performance Reporting suite, where you can monitor comp plan, territory and quota performance. See what’s working and what isn’t based on best practice benchmarks.

Sales Performance Data Access

Easily extract the data you need to provide cross-functional stakeholders with the critical sales performance insights they need to execute.

Customize critical reports for any stakeholder

Customize key reporting outputs including payroll, financial accruals, performance to budget, and more. Multiple user groups can access the platform to collaborate on reporting in one centralized place and ensure outputs fit your business-specific needs.

ASC606 Adherence helps automate demanding enterprise reporting for ASC606 standards. Users can customize amortization schedules, track ongoing adjustments and true-ups, and collaborate with Finance to stay on top of ASC606 compliance needs.

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

Build: Design with AI

Transform how you work with sales comp technology: instead of manual plan configuration, let AI build your comp plans.

Test: Plan and Model

ICM tools weren’t created for planning and modeling comp plans. But was. Test every decision quickly and easily.