for Sales Performance Data Management

Flexible data management at the speed you need

Easily connect and validate data from any input to create a single source of truth on sales performance - ready for audit and
ready to scale with your enterprise.

Why for Performance Data Management

Many companies are limited in the type and configuration of data sources they can use in their sales performance management (SPM) tool. As a result, they have to compute externally, leaving no source of truth on performance data.’s SPM solution can easily integrate and transform any data source without the requirement for deep technical expertise.

Data integration

Seamless and flexible data connectors for any source uses a proprietary data model to ingest and manipulate data from an unconstrained number of sources. Multiple ingestion techniques are available, including direct integration or automated recurring data feeds from 200+ systems.

Data validation

Eliminate data errors proactively

Data errors are often the biggest cause of ICM miscalculations, but they're often caught too late, after payouts have been submitted. Forma's consolidated data model provides complete traceability across the entire ICM process and has multiple levels of validation to cleanse data and rectify errors early.

Data extraction

Your primary source of truth on sales performance data

At, we believe that true SPM requires capturing all business logic from raw data to output generation. Our proprietary data model captures the entire context of sales performance so that you can use the data you pull from to inform analyses and decision making well beyond sales compensation.

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They’re hitting quota - are you?

"’s what-if and ad-hoc modelling capabilities help inform how the business moves forward or decides not to because of the cost and risk."

Suzanne Shadgett, Senior Financial Executive

" provides flexibility like no one else in the category. With their real-time modeling, I can apply any idea I have against last year’s data to see how much it would cost and what it could actually achieve."

Dr. Robert Bieshaar
Sr. Director, Worldwide Incentive Compensation, Autodesk

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

Product Overview

AI-powered software built to optimize and run sales compensation.

Build: Design with AI

Transform how you work with sales comp technology: instead of manual plan configuration, let AI build your comp plans.