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Comp plans proven to motivate your team

The right incentives in your comp plan will motivate your sales team to close the right opportunities at the right time. Craft your best comp plans with for ICM and SPM. 

Agile sales comp that shapes
high performance sales teams

Motivate your team

Drive more output and sharpen focus with precision incentive plans, optimized SPIFs, competitive leaderboards, and more.

Generate trust

Always pay on time and reduce disputes with complete accuracy and transparency using customized dashboards.

Optimize comp plans

Build comp plans that capture more revenue using our AI performance models and best-in-class benchmarks on comp plan design.

Build territories, quotas, and comp plans proven to drive revenue

Easily build and test any territory, quota, and incentive plan and simulate the rep- or business impact against live data, with no technical configuration required. Our suite of analytical models help you release the right plans with confidence and tune accordingly.

Motivational dashboards and performance tracking’s customized dashboards for reps, managers, and executives show each team member exactly what they need to see to act on the right opportunities for revenue-focused outcomes.

Seamless pay disputes

Eliminate wasted time not selling and build trust with simplified pay disputes. Your sales reps simply submit a ticket tagged to a specific transaction(s) and have it routed correctly for resolution, providing a complete audit trail for all changes.


At, we see the future as one where sales comp planning and execution are a unified process where comp teams can efficiently manage any incentive plan and work collaboratively across the organization to optimize sales comp and deploy changes seamlessly. To enable this, has three layers of differentiation:

1. A collective data structure that automates rapid rule building across sales crediting, territories, quotas, and IC plans.

2. A modelling engine with unlimited scenario testing.

3. A workflow system that streamlines all aspects of change. uses AI in our analytical planning models to help organizations better understand the impact of different incentive plans. Users can use this functionality to predict and understand how a given incentive structure will impact individual reps and the organization overall.


Calculators Aren't Enough for 2024

While commission calculators are common in ICM, they do have their downfalls. It's time for orgs to take a more comprehensive and innovative approach that eliminates over-reliance on calculators.

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.


Better predict sales revenue and control comp spend with detailed audit trails, custom reporting, and precise analytics.

Sales operations

Drive revenue with SPM as agile as your enterprise. brings all SPM activities and data under one dynamic platform.