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Optimize sales compensation, optimize growth

Unlock growth potential with continuous and connected sales comp planning integrated directly into ICM.

Why does Sales Compensation Planning need a change?
It’s not driven by data.

The days of sales compensation planning based on gut feel are over. Without robust data and insights on what works, hitting your sales target is unlikely.

It’s done in isolation.

Sales compensation planning is often done by separate teams or on separate tools, disconnected from ICM. The end result is hurdle after hurdle to deploy new strategies on time.

It’s not frequent enough.

Sales compensation planning once a year is not frequent enough to respond when customers churn, markets change, or strategy shifts.

Why for Sales Comp Planning’s CompOps platform helps you optimize your sales comp plans to deliver top-line growth. Now you can motivate your sellers to serve customers in the right way, at the right time, every time.

5 reasons why you should use for sales comp planning

CompOps for plan building and testing

A revolutionized way to build your comp plans

No more formula writing or sandboxes. We use AI to translate your sales strategies into automatically configured SPM rules so you can easily test different plan options, project their impact, and deploy live to production when ready.

CompOps data models

Baked-in analytical models to optimize your SPM strategy

By mapping your data to our platform, Forma’s analytical models can assess the effectiveness and impact of your Territory, Quota, and comp plans and recommend opportunities for improvement.

Benchmarking and performance reporting

Keep a proactive pulse on performance

Analyzing sales comp performance is often a delayed and reactive annual approach. Switch to our cutting-edge performance reporting suite for proactive insights on what’s working and what isn’t based on best practice benchmarks.

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They’re hitting quota - are you?

" provides flexibility like no one else in the category. With their real-time modeling, I can apply any idea I have against last year’s data to see how much it would cost and what it could actually achieve."

Dr. Robert Bieshaar
Sr. Director, Worldwide Incentive Compensation, Autodesk

"’s what-if and ad-hoc modelling capabilities help inform how the business moves forward or decides not to because of the cost and risk."

Suzanne Shadgett, Senior Financial Executive

Seamless Data Integrations

Designed to scale with your enterprise, use our fully customizable integrations to load, validate, clean, and transform any volume of data from any source.

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

Product Overview

AI-powered software built to optimize and run sales compensation.

Test: Plan and Model

ICM tools weren’t created for planning and modeling comp plans. But was. Test every decision quickly and easily.