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" provides flexibility like no one else in the category ... all the features, functionality, and support that any enterprise needs ... everything you ever  wanted from your ICM and then some."

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Dr. Robert Bieshaar

Sr. Dir. Worldwide Incentive Compensation

Customer Testimonials

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"Our best quarter ever"

" saved us after a year of significant sales compensation challenges. The first projection and plan that we implemented with led to our best quarter ever — it was a total turnaround. Eighteen months later and we're still 31% under our incentive budget."
Ryan Hagedorn

Chief Operating Officer, Edmentum

"Like no one else"

"With their real-time modeling, I can apply any idea I have against last year’s data to see how much it would cost and what it could actually achieve. If I like it, I can click it into production. It allows me to focus on what’s possible to turn sales compensation into a strategic advantage. "
Dr. Robert Bieshaar

Snr Director, Worldwide Sales Incentive Compensation, Autodesk

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"What ICM should look like"

" allowed us to say goodbye to the broken and old way of approaching Incentive Compensation and say hello to the future of what ICM should look like. is a game-changer and has a support team that we’ve rated #1..."
Jacob Medina

Director of People & Growth, KCI Wireless

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"The silence is deafening"

"Sales Ops is the noisiest department. There’s always some fire starting or a major change coming down the line that causes issues or takes weeks to implement. It’s hard to believe this thing is working; the silence from sales ops is deafening."
Suzanne Stradgett

Chief Financial Officer, Stryker Canada

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"Quick and easy"

"We needed more than software. We needed an equally innovativepartner we could trust to help us draw actionable insights from our data... and their commission tracking provides real-time data and cleanvisualizations, making it quick andeasy to implement plan changes."
Senior Financial Analyst


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"The complete package"

" isn't just an incentive compensation admin tool, so it doesn't just replace one process. It replaces two or three costly systems and gives you a sales comp consultant too. It's the complete package. There's no substitute for someone who is as invested in your success as you are, and with you get a whole team of them."
Ryan Hadgerton

Chief Operating Officer, Edmentum

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"We are thrilled"

"We are thrilled that the monthly payroll process has become so much more streamlined and even our own HR department is surprised that we are able to submit the finalized payroll reports two weeks ahead of the deadline."
Alison Roach

Accounting Supervisor, Ritter Communications

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"Just truly magical!"

" is like a unicorn... just truly magical! It has the agility and sophistication to turn a critical logic enhancement from concept to production quicker than we could update our Incentive Compensation Documents. This has led us to be one of the top T-Mobile TPR Dealers in the USA."
Jacob Medina

Director of People & Growth, KCI Wireless

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