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The sales comp revolution is here.

Forma.ai is the world’s first sales compensation platform to remove the guesswork of motivating sales teams and unlock agility through a delivery-focused, AI-driven platform.


We drive $billions in sales for world-beating enterprises.

Why is designing and managing sales comp still so hard?

Dozens of tech companies have tried to solve it in the last 10 years.

All of them have failed to address the core problem.

This is why...

You’ve been lied to

Traditional tools assume that sales compensation is a static, linear, process with minimal change.

Sales compensation is not static

Constant change breaks brittle systems, putting pressure on your people, processes, and infrastructure.

Rigid tools remove agility and halt decisions

Manual processes across many tools and teams overload comp resources, break down communication, and bring processes to a halt.

And erode sales comp impact

That disruption extends beyond sales comp teams, limiting resources capacity and causing suboptimal sales outcomes.

Sales comp needs a radically new approach...

Forma.ai is built for change

By breaking sales comp into its elemental building blocks of functions, rules, and workflows, Forma.ai automates ALL mission-critical task work.

We fully automate change management

Our building blocks can be arranged in any combination to automate the sales comp process end-to-end, regardless of complexity or scale.

And unify all sales comp processes

Removing the manual, repetitive taskwork frees capacity and elevates sales comp teams to do what matters most: Design comp plans that drive results.

Providing a powerful source of truth

This unique, elemental approach gives you a highly-contextual, real-time data structure, ripe for AI analysis and optimization.

You need more than just a calculator

You need scalable sales compensation infrastructure.

You need Forma.ai

Our best

Forma.ai saved us after a year of significant sales compensation challenges. The first projection and plan that we implemented with Forma.ai led to our best quarter ever — it was a total turnaround.

Ryan Hagedorn COO
Like no one
else in the

Forma.ai provides flexibility like no one else in the category. With their real-time modeling, I can apply any idea I have against last year’s data to see how much it would cost and what it could actually achieve.

Dr. Robert Bieshaar Sn Director, Worldwide Sales Incentive Compensation

Monthly payroll processing has become so much more streamlined, even our HR department is surprised we can submit finalized payroll reports 2 weeks early.

Alison Roach Accounting Supervisor