AI Powered Sales Performance Management

With AI innovation, our platform curates the perfect sales comp plans and manages the end-to-end sales comp process while improving sales agility, productivity and performance.
Forma AI has been a tremendous help with sales results and commission tracking with real time, live data, clean visualizations ... making it quick and easy to implement changes in our plans.
Senior Financial Analyst
at OpenTable Inc.

The Chaos of SPM


When change occurs to sales incentives, chaos is born for sales and compensation leaders. Change is inevitable. When change occurs during the sales compensation process, sales and compensation leaders need to have the agility to pivot to remain competitive.

Sales Operations, Compensation, Finance, HR, Marketing, Customer Service, and others — everyone working in disconnected systems, disparate data sources, disjointed business processes. When change occurs in the sales incentive compensation process, it impacts everyone.

Forma AI facilitates rapid transition 

‘from chaos to clarity

Forma AI connects all functional teams and stakeholders that ‘touch’ the sales compensation process throughout the organization. Forma AI maximizes collaboration and alignment, achieving top results quickly.


< 2 weeks
average time


Less than 2 weeks average time for customers, across multiple industries to design, rollout and sign-off new comp plans in response to COVID-19 crisis.




A 67% time reduction when handling and resolving sales inquiries during payout periods.


> 22% revenue


> 22% revenue uplift and $1.4M in incremental bookings with $65K investment in SPIFF compensation spend.

Connects the organization across the entire sales compensation lifecycle 

Compensation Administrators

Compensation Administrators

Design, implement, administer and manage end-to-end compensation lifecycle faster.

Sales  Operations

Sales Operations

Manage sales team performance with clear objectives and goals.

Sales  Representatives

Sales Representatives

Keep focused and motivated on the right activities and opportunities to win more business.

C-Suite Executives

C-Suite Executives

Stay informed and make better strategic decisions based on data and evidence.

Finance  Analysts

Finance Analysts

Control compensation budget, spend and risk with agility.

Marketing  Executives

Marketing Executives

Make marketing campaign decisions where realized ROI has highest potential.


HR Specialists

Monitor sales capacity and hiring requirements with dexterity.

Customers Success Managers

Success Managers

Build closer relationships, maintain invoicing, and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities swiftly.

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