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Purpose-built Sales Crediting for enterprise ICM

No more overnight crediting or calculation runs. Our best-in-class, holistic approach to sales crediting is fast, easy, integrates with ICM, and requires no technical configuration.

Why is Sales Crediting so painful?
Configuration is too complex

Most ICM tools aren’t built with sufficient crediting functionality, making it difficult or impossible to assign transaction types to sales reps and teams properly. This removes control from sales comp teams of over a critical aspect of sales compensation.

Systems are too disconnected

As a result of the slowness and rigidity of most crediting applications, most ICM tools force users to perform crediting calculations outside their system. This further compounds the problem of disconnected tools and teams, and ultimately slows the speed in which sales compensation can be planned and delivered.

Computing speed is too slow

Assigning sales to the right reps requires a lot of rules when accounting for all the possible variable. When you add on the mountain of transactions that most enterprises deal with, you have teams that need to perform crediting runs well into the night to get done in time—leaving very little room for error.

Why for Sales Crediting

With, sales crediting is directly integrated with ICM and uses state-of-the-art processing power ready for enterprise level calculations and flexibility.

5 reasons why you should use for sales crediting

Purpose built for enterprise

Native sales crediting directly in your ICM platform

With, sales crediting is native to our platform, allowing users to create a source of truth on sales assignments with complete flexibility and ease. Our best-in-class approach to sales assignments handles even the most complex crediting rules and ensures crediting logic and ICM calculations are always in sync. for crediting logic management

Automatic configuration of crediting logic

Our AI translates free text descriptions into fully-configured crediting logic, removing the pain of error-prone and time-consuming formulas. Our platform is designed for any user to be able to manage the rule base without manual setup.

Processing speed and power

The fastest SPM solution on the market, crediting included.

With’s paralellized computations and batch processing, have confidence that your data volumes and rules can be processed rapidly without lengthy wait times. is the fastest SPM solution, processing sales compensation and crediting runs for the largest, most demanding, enterprises.

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They’re hitting quota - are you?

" has significantly cut down the time and resources required for processing the team's commissions."

Darrious Duffin
Director, Sales Ops and Service Delivery, Ritter Communications

" provides flexibility like no one else in the category. With their real-time modeling, I can apply any idea I have against last year’s data to see how much it would cost and what it could actually achieve."

Dr. Robert Bieshaar
Sr. Director, Worldwide Incentive Compensation, Autodesk

Seamless Data Integrations

Designed to scale with your enterprise, use our fully customizable integrations to load, validate, clean, and transform any volume of data from any source.

Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

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AI-powered software built to optimize and run sales compensation.

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Everything your enterprise needs to run an agile sales comp process - from data to dashboards and everything in between.