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Flexible and customized  ASC 606 reporting

Use our built-in accounting reporting and compliance automation for ASC 606. Get streamlined audit trails, flexible configuration of amortization schedules, and track adjustments and true-ups.

Why for ASC 606

With, ASC 606 is directly integrated with ICM allowing complete flexibility in defining amortization schedules and automatic updating of ASC 606 outputs as you run ongoing calculations.

5 reasons why you should use for ASC 606

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" has significantly cut down the time and resources required for processing the team's commissions."

Darrious Duffin
Director, Sales Ops and Service Delivery, Ritter Communications

"What is amazing about is that we don’t need the skills to configure a comp tool or our data —’s automation helps us do this and turnaround changes much faster than we would ever be able to with any other ICM platform."

Suzanne Shadgett, Senior Financial Executive

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Product Overview

AI-powered software built to optimize and run sales compensation.

Build: Design with AI

Transform how you work with sales comp technology: instead of manual plan configuration, let AI build your comp plans.