for Sales Operations Teams

Drive revenue with SPM as agile as your enterprise

Made for continuous strategy execution, brings all SPM activities and data under one platform to help you create a truly dynamic go to market motion. is the first SPM solution
purpose built for Sales Ops

Connected sales performance provides a central source of truth for Sales Performance, allowing rapid and agile planning and execution across territories, quotas, and incentive compensation.

Plan and deploy

Use our end-to-end AI to design and optimize territories, quotas, and compensations plans in days, not months, and deploy them instantly.

Optimize with in-depth analytics

Build comp plans that capture more revenue using our AI performance models and best-in-class benchmarks on comp plan design.

Get agile with connected data, processes, and tooling for SPM connects all SPM data, functions, and stakeholders under one hood to go from idea to execution instantly. With your organization and data in sync for all things Territory, Quota, and Sales compensation, decisions are rapid and releases become continuous.

Quickly build any comp plan with no technical expertise

Get the flexibility to instantly create and run any Territory, Quota, or Comp rule imaginable with no technical expertise or manual configuration needed, thanks to our collective data model that translate plain English to fully configured rules.

Test, iterate, and deploy your best comp plans, instantly

Most ICM tools require you to fully rebuild rules or migrate them into production after modeling them separately. Now, you can model changes instantly and deploy them with the click of a button for continuous strategy execution.


Given how interconnected and data-sensitive sales compensation processing is, aims to have one contiguous data pipeline to manage comp—where changes upstream will automatically update all dependencies downstream. uses a proprietary data model format to ingest and manipulate data from an unconstrained number of data sources.

Direct connections are available from over 200+ different data sources to seamlessly map your data in the platform for use in sales compensation planning/design and execution functions.

Learn more uses AI in our analytical planning models to help organizations better understand the impact of different incentive plans. Users can use this functionality to predict and understand how a given incentive structure will impact individual reps and the organization overall.


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Ready to steer your sales performance?

Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

Sales Compensation puts you in the driver’s seat of your ICM software so you can take control of chaotic sales comp processes with ease.


Better predict sales revenue and control comp spend with detailed audit trails, custom reporting, and precise analytics.