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Take back control of your ICM software

Many ICM tools can leave your team in chaos. puts you back in the driver’s seat so you can manage sales comp with ease, control, and agility.

End-to-end ICM automation
to level-up your comp team

Never build another formula automates rule building using AI. Type your changes in plain English and let configure the rules, freeing you from manual configuration.

No more manual exceptions

Automate period-end exceptions, plan launches, and all incentive calculations in between by processing changes instantly.

Ditch spreadsheets and sandboxes

Evaluate the impact of quota, territory, or plan changes directly in the platform, and deploy instantly for maximum results.

Quickly build any comp plan with no technical expertise

Get the flexibility to instantly create and run any Territory, Quota, or Comp rule imaginable with no technical expertise or manual configuration needed, thanks to our collective data model that translates plain English to fully configured rules.

Reclaim control of ICM processes

All sales comp work is done in one place. No more modeling in sandboxes, spreadsheets for SPIFs, or change requests via email. With everything together,’s Automatic Workflow helps understand the context of changes, update rule logic as needed, test impact, streamline approvals, and much more.

Enterprise-grade auditability to track every change

Get a bird’s eye view of every change made in Full auditability and visibility of every user interaction on the platform allows you to orchestrate from above and streamline your entire ICM process from a single source of truth.

FAQ is built upon a unique and completely unified rule structure, where users do not need to create or code formulas for calculation rules from scratch, but instead define parameters and select the rule objects from an existing library. This allows users to easily and rapidly translate any comp plan idea or change directly into rule logic without technical knowledge or configuration.

Learn more allows for unlimited modeling and forecasting while never affecting the latest approved commission run that participants are seeing. New plan designs can be financially modeled and tested directly within the platform using different sets of data, rules, and other parameters. Once a change has been modelled and the financial impact understood, changes can be merged into the production commission run seamlessly.

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Change is the only constant in sales compensation. has a robust end-to-end workflow system that allows teams to automate andorchestrate the simplest to most complex sales compensation tasks. Example use cases include automating commission exceptions, financial processes like payroll / accruals, making territory changes, and so much more.

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Sales Compensation Predictions with Autodesk & ServiceNow

What will the future of sales comp look like? Will it involve AI? Will it be more personalized to the individual? What happens to sales comp teams as we know them?

We recently spoke with Sales Comp leaders from Autodesk and ServiceNow to get the inside scoop.

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Dynamic incentives are the key to maximizing revenue. Align your sales comp plan with top opportunities in real-time, so your sales reps never miss a great deal.

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Drive revenue with SPM as agile as your enterprise. brings all SPM activities and data under one dynamic platform.


Better predict sales revenue and control comp spend with detailed audit trails, custom reporting, and precise analytics.