Can HR Own Sales Compensation?

The vast majority of compensation projects are initiated and owned by Human Resources. Regardless of which department these projects are for —  sales, finance or legal — HR is the place where pay philosophy is set based on equity, fairness and regulations.  

But due to a lack of resources or expertise, HR often has little insight into sales compensation administration and its impact on the rest of the business. This gap creates misalignment and missed communication resulting in incorrect perceptions of pay philosophy and strategy. Finance says: We’re paying people too much. Sales says: We’re not paying people enough. HR says: We’ve done the research,” but nobody has read it.

This webinar will show you how HR can take ownership of the sales compensation strategy process and how to build a fully automated administration.

Learn how to develop more robust reporting and forecasting to help identify and anticipate issues with equitability, incentives, fairness, diversity and biases produced as unintended consequences of the comp plan.

Through examining a real-life example, you will understand how to improve communication and systems to provide more visibility into the decision making and behind sales compensation policies. 

You will learn:

  • When and why HR should own sales compensation
  • How HR teams can use compensation analytics to elevate their roles
  • How one HR executive took ownership of compensation and advanced their career and position in the organization.
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