How to Create a Sales Compensation Center of Excellence​

Imagine a hub of knowledge and expertise that ensures your company's investment in sales compensation is strategic, fair, and ultimately boosts sales performance. For some companies, that is called a “Sales Compensation Center of Excellence” (CoE). Think of a CoE as a specialized team or department within a company that designs, implements, optimizes, and manages sales comp plans.

While creating a dedicated CoE may not be the right choice (or even feasible) for every company, the principles behind striving for excellence and optimizing sales comp processes can be applied in your org today.  

In this session, watch our expert panelists discuss:

  • Why enterprise orgs may want to create a dedicated Sales Comp CoE
  • Stakeholders required and steps needed to establish a CoE at your company
  • Customizing CoE strategies to fit your organization's unique structure
  • Proof points to help you build an internal business case for establishing a CoE
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