Best Practices: Sales Comp for Consumption-Based Pricing​ Models

Consumption-based pricing is the next evolution of software pricing, but has implications for sales incentives, quotas, and rules of engagement. In addition to the traditional components of a comp plan, sellers’ pay is based partly on variable usage as well as uncovering additional value for customers. Because the sales strategy is different, the sales incentive strategy must adapt accordingly.

If your company is planning to adopt this structure, is currently transitioning, or is already leveraging this pricing model, it’s critical to implement best practices for motivating and paying your sales force.

In this session, our expert panelists discuss:

  • Why companies are making the shift towards consumption-based pricing models
  • Creating alignment between GTM strategy and sales incentive strategy  
  • The benefits and challenges for sales comp with consumption-based pricing models
  • Tips for maximizing return on sales comp spend in a consumption-based pricing world
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