Sales Comp 2.0: The Future of Sales Compensation Management​

The process of sales compensation planning and execution hasn’t changed much in over 30 years. Despite new strategies and advancements in tooling, enterprise orgs still find themselves hostage to the bottlenecks of disparate systems and stakeholders, and an inability to be agile (the average sales comp planning cycle still takes 4-6 months to complete!).

It’s time for an overhaul. Enter Sales Compensation 2.0, the digital transformation sales comp has been waiting for.

Watch our on-demand panel to learn new ideas around the following:

  • Why traditional sales comp planning and execution processes are impeding your growth
  • The new era of AI-driven, digitally transformed sales comp management  
  • Reinventing how we build, test, and execute sales comp plans and incentives
  • Real examples of data-driven sales comp planning processes and the results
  • How to instill a Sales Comp 2.0 mindset in your team for 2024
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