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Forma.ai Welcomes New VP Justin Lane

The strength of Forma.ai is two-fold: unparalleled technology and exceptional people. They’re the drivers on our mission to bring sales performance into the 21st Century. And that’s why we’re so excited to welcome Justin Lane as our VP of Professional Services. 

Shaking Up a Stagnant Industry

Justin will harness Forma.ai’s sales compensation platform with his extensive experience and help our customers unify their sales compensation planning and administration. His goal to shake up the stagnant sales performance management industry aligns closely with our vision. 

“The last innovation, more than a decade ago, was the shift to the SaaS model from on-premises. Since then, the market has only added incremental value to customers,” explained Justin, “I’d like to transform the traditional role of sales compensation administrator into that of a sales performance intelligence analyst, ending the cycle of pain with non-user-friendly systems. Forma.ai is the first platform with the power to make that happen.” 

The Problem with Sales Performance Management

Most enterprises handle sales compensation planning and admin separately. Even those using the leading SPM solutions still need to update spreadsheets and complete painstaking manual tasks to make payroll. These disparate and antiquated systems don’t allow for accurate, real-time reporting and forecasting, forcing leadership teams to make decisions based on software function and resource-load rather than data and behavioral science. 

“This isn’t just a math problem to solve,” explained Nabeil Alazzam, our CEO, “but an intricate behavioral juggernaut that requires collective learning from massive data sets. Where other companies try to get customers to simplify their overall sales incentive programs, Justin’s team and the Forma.ai platform can serve businesses with the biggest, most complex and dynamic sales compensation programs — and simplify the experience.” 

“The idea of a company running towards the problem and complexity instead of running away from it, quickly led to me coming on board and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Justin Lane, VP Professional Services – Forma.ai

The Experience to Foster Change

Justin has consulted enterprise brands on sales performance strategy and administration for over two decades. He joins us from industry incumbent Xactly, where he was Head of Strategic Services. Before Xactly, Justin led sales performance strategy teams at ZS Associates, OpenSymmetry, and The Alexander Group. 

“We’re thrilled to have Justin on board,” said Nabeil. “He has a deep understanding of the piecemeal processes that plague current sales compensation systems… He’s ready to bring enterprises our radically different approach to automating sales performance.” 

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