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11 Best Sales Performance Management Conferences

Today we’re counting down the best conferences for professionals who are passionate about driving performance in their sales organizations.

These conferences offer attendees a wealth of knowledge and insights into the evolving worlds of Sales Performance Management (SPM), sales compensation, sales operations, revenue operations, and revenue intelligence.

In no particular order, here are our picks for the best Sales Performance Management conferences:

1. OpsStars

October 5–6, 2021

Event details:

OpsStars is an annual conference by LeanData for B2B Revenue Operations. The conference brings top operations and go-to-market professionals together to share best practices in people, processes, and technology. Attendees gain insight into how to align revenue teams in the fast-changing landscape, and how to build a solid foundation for long-term success.

2. ATD Sell

October 12-13, 2021

Event details:

ATD SELL is an annual leadership and learning conference for sales enablement professionals that brings together best practices and strategies for sales training, tools, and technology. This is the perfect conference for anyone interested in upping their game and gaining insight into the latest trends and tactics for driving sales performance. Like many conferences on this list, this 2-day event gives attendees a chance to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

3. Sales Innovation Expo

November 16–17, 2021

Event details:

The two-day Sales Innovation Expo is one of Europe’s leading sales events, featuring expert speakers, masterclasses, and a VIP lounge for all your high-profile networking needs. The event attracts sales professionals from all over to interact with innovative technologies and solutions, and to lessons on crafting a winning sales strategy from some of the top sales professionals in the world.

4. Sales Enablement Summit

Many Dates: Fall 2021 – Fall 2022

Event details:

Sales Enablement Summits are a series of events organized across the world by SEC chapters. These summits feature insights, experiences, and challenges from those who drive consistent interactions with customers at every stage of the buying journey. The goal of the summits is to gather the brightest mind to share success stories and to learn more about what others do best.

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5. B2B Summit North America

Spring 2022

Event details:

Forrester’s event for B2B professionals features everything you’d expect from the storied research company — high-profile guests, inspirational talks, and a wealth of opportunities to learn more about the space. Their most recent virtual event gave guests direct access to Forrester analysts through live chats, enriching the learning experience for all in attendance.

6. #Celerate: The Revenue Intelligence Summit

Summer 2022

Event details:

#Celebrate is’s yearly summit, expo and networking event for sales professionals, sales coaches, and revenue intelligence professionals. The event features inspiring presentations and panels from some of the most successful sales organizations today. There is plenty of SPM knowledge to soak up at this one-day event. Plus, they just launched a #Celebrate Europe event for all our friends across the pond.

7. WorldatWork Spotlight On Sales Comp

Summer 2022

Event details:

WorldatWork’s Spotlight on Sales Compensation is the world’s largest event for sales professionals. Attendees come to learn about new practices, stay up-to-date with industry trends and hear expert speakers share their thoughts about how best practices can be used in today’s marketplace. There are also opportunities for practical discussion and learning in a variety of breakout sessions.

8. Performance Management Symposium

Summer 2022

Event details:

In 2021, Alexander Group hosted their very first Performance Management Symposium for revenue, sales operations, and sales compensation executives leaders. The event focused squarely on strategies and practices used to set, measure, and compensate for success at leading sales organizations.

9. Chief Revenue Officer Summit

September 15, 2022

Event details:

At Sales Enablement Collective’s summit for CROs, guests are treated to a day of learning and networking in San Francisco (or virtually, of course). Assembled leaders from around the world share their experiences with other attendees who want to hear about what works best when it comes to growth strategies at companies big or small.

10. Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference

October 12 – 14, 2022

Event details:

The Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference is not just a chance for sales leaders and their teams to network, but an opportunity in which they can immerse themselves into the future of business — one that has never been more uncertain. By attending this conference, you’ll be exposed to the next generation of tools and tactics powering the top sales organizations in the world.

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