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No coding.
No heavy configuration.
No formula-builders.

Remove the manual admin and technical limitations of sales compensation design - Create concepts in infinite real-time test environments, and move them to production with just a click.

Any plan. Any rules.

Automate business rules and logic to identify and administer the most motivating, profitable incentive plans. Our rules engine uses proprietary technology that allows for complete flexibility in rule building and plan design.

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Real-time visibility.

Not your generic dashboards. Not even close.

See all sales compensation and performance metrics in a single source of truth, from total annual plan management down to transaction level details. View data in real-time, custom dashboards infused with AI-powered recommendations to boost sales performance.

Data flexibility without crushing IT.

One platform aligning all data sources, alignment structures, and plan components. Unified processing, quality control, and validation for consistent and clean data coming in and going out – every time.


Instant, hands-free changes.

Experience the freedom of real-time decision-making. Add or remove payees, shift rules, and implement dynamic territory and quota designs at a moment’s notice. Set a new standard for compliance without burdening other teams.


Our Data Security Promise

The platform wouldn’t work without trustworthy data. That means data security isn’t just a priority, it’s everything.

It is our responsibility to maintain the highest security standards and compliance levels. Even if that means investing extra resources to help new customers raise their security level to meet ours. maintains SOC2 accreditation as a priority. We also regularly explore additional 3rd party certifications and policy frameworks to ensure that our security and privacy standards are well above the minimum expected for enterprise-level compliance.


Database Security

Your data is stored in a secure database hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing the most robust, data center security and environmental controls available today.


Data Ownership

Your data 100% belongs to you. We will never delete your data without permission. You retain full access and control to any and all data at all times.


Highest Standard Encryption

Our encryption protocols ensure that your data remains confidential while in transit over public networks, and cannot be directly accessed by any individual in either organization.


Data Privacy

We only use your data to provide our core sales compensation offering; it goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that your data is never shared outside of


Double-Gated Integration

Enterprise security is not a “plug-in and play” option. We build each partner’s integration ourselves because the only way to ensure our high standards are kept across third-party integrations is by putting our own locks on the gate.


Data Recovery

The platform and your data are backed up regularly and stored on multiple instances to ensure that you never lose a byte, and can access it from anywhere.

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See how SCaaS is different

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