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Everything you ever wanted in incentive compensation and then some

We didn't rewrite the rulebook.
We threw it out the window.

A Compensation Platform With a Revenue Mentality is the only platform that combines behavioral psychology with data-science to design truly unbeatable sales incentives.


Incentivize Where it Matters

Cut through the noise with performance dashboards rooted in the science of sales motivation and compensation.


Mission Critical Continuity

Our external operations team takes on the manual, administrative side of compensation to ensure on-time payroll delivery, every time.


Non-Stop Automation

Fearlessly make exceptions and customizations that would normally grind sales comp processing to a halt.


Make Changes On-the-Fly

Our smart ticketing system makes on-the-fly changes easy. Built-in automation and audit trails streamline approvals.


Self-Correcting Plans

Plan changes and exceptions are automatically tested to rapidly rectify any conflicts in your plan mechanics.


Commission Transparency

Give your reps real-time visibility into commission calculations to build trust and reduce disputes.

Hang Up the Broken Telephone

Our customers used to spend hours developing strategy in one system, then rebuilding it another, and reporting it in a third or fourth.
With, all that is in the past.

The Old Way

Disjointed Systems

Compensation strategy happens in one system, and then must be executed in another.

  • Redundant translation layer
  • Approval bottlenecks
  • Missed opportunities
The Way

Collective Intelligence

Strategize, manage and administer sales compensation all in one unified platform.

  • Deploy strategy in days
  • Enable AI and data science
  • End-to-end visibility

What is Collective Intelligence? unifies operations, strategy and sales, enabling you to wield the power of data science and AI to flawlessly execute sales compensation.

No other platform can do this, because frankly, they can’t begin to wrap their heads around it.

Our platform grows more intelligent by the second, learning with every transaction what truly motivates your sales talent.

Integrations Everywhere integrates with any of your existing systems without placing an extra burden on your IT team. Any input format. Any output you want. No restrictions or additional fees.


Security & Compliance

Plan, act and anticipate with daily forecasts backed by real-time deal data, enabling you to take calculated risks with total control over costs.


"The complete package"

" isn't just an incentive compensation admin tool. It replaces two or three costly systems and gives you a sales comp consultation too. It's the complete package. There's no substitute for someone who is as invested in your success as you are, and with you get a whole team of them."

— J. Medina, Director of People & Growth

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