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Our solution is best suited for organizations with sales teams starting at around 100 payees and ranging into the thousands.  And, our unique approach to value-based pricing allows us to guarantee outputs and results in our contracts.

How much does sales comp software really cost?

Low per-seat subscription prices often hide the fact that most enterprise sales comp software comes with a dozen or more additional ongoing costs. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

The software still requires a huge amount of manual admin, which results in bottlenecks and errors. Knowledge of the original automation architecture is quickly eroded as employees move on, increasing admin time and errors further.

The time and resources needed to make changes in all enterprise-worth sales comp software typically become prohibitively expensive within the first two years of use.

That puts a significant, ongoing drag on growth.

Expected Costs
Ongoing subscriptions
Training & certifications
Setup & integration
Additional feature & packages
Initial purchase
More seats over time
Vendor Professional Services
Third-party consultants
Overpayments & underpayments
Shadow accounting & missed opportunities
Decreased employee engagement & retention
Lost time spent resolving disputes
Time spent fixing automation
Hidden Costs’s Value-Based Pricing Model

We guarantee results. That means you only pay for the outputs you need.

Access to the platform is provided through our dedicated Customer Operations team, who work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your team gets what they need.

Here's how our pricing model works:

Onboarding fees. Billed upfront.

Fees for initial setup of platform, which includes the development of:
  • Data source ingestion and mapping
  • Sales crediting, hierarchy, and payout logic rules
  • Initial workflows for change requests
  • Initial business logic, one-time dashboard and reporting setup
  • Change management and platform roll-out
The onboarding fee is calculated based on the time and resources required to complete a successful implementation.

Recurring usage-based fees. Billed how and when you want.

Fee for the core functionalities and ongoing platform management by our Customer Operations team, including:
  • Ongoing data transfer and validation
  • Automated commission processing and dashboard updates
  • Access and security management
  • Customer support and ticket management
  • Analyst Center access
  • Ongoing advice from our internal sales comp experts
  • Commission and business rules management
  • Execution of change requests (business logic/ commission rule updates, etc.)
  • Total business process execution and delivery
Recurring fee is based on the number of users, plans, changes, and outputs you require.
Talk to our sales team to learn more about's unique value-based pricing model and discounts for long-term commitments.
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