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We're Building a Different Kind of Software Company

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We’re merging AI with human controls to turn sales compensation into a science. Forma.ai isn't your traditional software solution. And we're not your typical software company either.

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We Help Enterprises Unlock the Power of Incentives

The world runs on incentives Getting them right is crucial to success. From setting commission rates to balancing quotas, our technology helps you make tough decisions at scale to move your organization forward.

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Our Customers

We're obsessed with solving our customers' problems. That's why we're here.

Our Culture

Success needs more than just attitude. Our values drive everything we do as a company.


Work well, together.


Be precise. Be relentless.


Love our customers. Love our tech.

Our Story

We've come a long way, and we're just getting started.

the early forma.ai crew

Before founding one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, Nabeil Alazzam was helping Fortune 500 companies optimize their sales compensation programs.

That experience inspired him to start Forma.ai in 2016.

We’re backed by the bold.

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