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Sales compensation hasn't changed in 80 years.
Now it's changing fast.

Compensation is Taking a Quantum Leap opens a new world of possibilities and turns your sales compensation program into a powerful business driver.

> 4%

lift in overall sales preformance


Create unbreakable sales comp plans backed by billions of data points and get the best from your sales team.

Make Every Incentive Count

Leverage our powerful data model to design custom compensation plans that maximize the ROI of sales compensation.

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Learn From the Best

Build the best plan possible with our ever-growing library of compensation structures from top sales organizations.

> 9%

increase in top rep retention


Offer truly unbeatable sales incentives that keep
your top performers on top.

Personalize Incentives

Tailor your incentive plans at the individual level to drive better performance for your whole sales team.

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Radical Transparency

Align business goals and sales activities by giving reps unparalleled visibility into real-time earning potential.


sales comp spend forecast accuracy


Predict outcomes and spend with startling accuracy thanks to adaptive forecasts and the collective intelligence of the platform.

Take Calculated Risks

Plan, act and anticipate opportunities to drive performance with daily forecasts backed by real-time deal data.

predict sales compensation spend

Control Costs

Model how your sales team's performance will react to specific incentives to determine the optimal value, structure and timing.

Manage your sales force like an investment.

Every year, North American companies spend $1 trillion on sales compensation. Yet, most comp plans are designed on gutfeel and managed in error-prone spreadsheets.

Sales compensation is treated like a line item, when it should be treated like an investment.

Steer the ship together unlocks cross-departmental strategic agility by bridging communication gaps between leaders in sales, finance, and operations.

sales compensation for the c-suite


Take a bird's eye view of your past, present and future to steer high-level performance and compensation strategy.


Motivate revenue-driving behaviors through rep-level dashboards designed with the science of motivation in mind.

sales comp automation for sales operations

Sales Ops

Manage annual comp planning day-to-day exceptions in a no-code, simple logic environment.

sales compensation forecasting for finance


Take commissions to payroll with weeks-not minute-to spare. Track all plan changes with detailed audit trails.

"What ICM should look like"

" allowed us to say goodbye to the broken and old way of approaching Incentive Compensation ans say hello to the future of what ICM should look like. is a game-changer and has a support team that we've rated #1 ..."

— J. Medina, Dir. People & Growth - KCI Wireless

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