"Forma.ai's product vision has the most potential of any in the SPM space" - Forrester
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Sales Performance Management Solutions for Channel Leaders

Make the most of your channel sales network with a platform designed from the start with channel sales in mind.



The large sums flowing through your sales channels demand the strictest controls



Nuanced incentive structures with partners require a system that can deal with complexity



Get the right metrics to the right internal and external stakeholders as your channel network scales



Your payees are organizations, containing their own internal nested structures



Troubleshooting pay questions from partners and end users must be easy and transparent



The high volume of data coming from third-party sources means that data integrity is critical

Manage channel incentives like never before

Forma.ai solutions are used by top channel leaders to manage the channel incentive process, monitor the performance of that process to get complete visibility into revenue, and continually optimize sales performance to ensure that the earning potential of the channel is being realized.

Forma Manage ensures that management of your channel incentives doesn’t hold you back from making the right decisions to drive your business.

  • – Unlimited modeling of new scenarios lets you evaluate impact before implementation
  • – Our collective data model makes it easy for you to add a new partner, territory, quota or plan
  • – Your channel have complete visibility into their commissions along with suggested “go gets”
  • – 100% of your incentives are managed within Forma Manage – no more spreadsheets
  • – Prevent “shadow accounting” with accurate data that can be trusted internally and externally

Forma Monitor provides visibility into sales incentives and performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to drive optimal results.

  • – Get a proactive look into partner, territory, quota and plan performance
  • – Monitor customer potential coverage, territory balance, quota accuracy and fairness
  • – Also monitor plan engagement, pay for performance and budget spend forecast
  • – Forma monitor transforms ICM outputs into channel insights with our proprietary data models
  • – Insights pass into Forma Optimize to drive recommendations to give channel leaders agility

Forma Optimize enables you to continually improve incentive performance in real-time – closing the loop between strategy and execution.

  • – Unleash channel incentives that drive real revenue impact
  • – Improve your channel comp plan design, quota setting and comp administration
  • – Optimized coverage plans and performance-focused channel teams drive effectiveness
  • – Insights feed directly into Forma Manage for modeling  and implementation
  • – Analysis to identify opportunities for sellers to pursue, influencing their day-to-day behavior

Benefits for Channel Sales

Single source of truth
Drive partner engagement
Close the strategy-execution gap
Know what’s working

Benefits for Channel Finance

Streamline processes
Get metrics you can act on
Make changes more easily
Direct sales behavior

Step up to purpose-built commissions, incentives, and bonuses for channel sales

Find out what Forma.ai can do for your channel organization.