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How to Find a Job with Beauty, Benefit and Good 

Every fresh-faced graduate wants to sniff out a good job opportunity, but what makes a job ‘good’ often isn’t what we expect.

Finding a ‘good’ opportunity is much more complex than a large salary and a big brand name. For long-term growth and satisfaction, look for a job with beauty, benefit, and good.

Sniffing Business Cards 

In the early 2000s, there was a commercial by Monster.com showing an elated young recent college graduate starting a new full-time job and sniffing his business card, symbolizing that he had made it.

When I found myself in the same situation as a young graduate in mid-2000, I did not sniff my business card, but I did feel huge excitement about my career ahead.

A fresh-faced Ricky at graduation.

I began building relationships at work and experiencing office politics for the first time. It wasn’t what I had expected, so I began to wonder what an ideal job looked like. It definitely didn’t involve a lot of office politics.

My quest for the ideal job began.

In Search of the “Ideal” Job

I worked in various industries, ranging from supply chain, logistics, and retail to data analytics and technology.

At first, it seemed like company size and structure made a difference, so I worked at ranged in size from a few dozen employees up to hundreds of thousands.

I also worked for various company structures, from a small Canadian entity that belonged to a global parent company to national companies and a SaaS company that went public two months after I joined.

At some point on that journey, I realized we spend a third of our life or more working, so what we do at work, our achievements and company culture profoundly affect our mental and physical health. It can even shape our identity and worldview.

If we feel stuck in a job having to deal with politics and nasty co-workers, that negativity leaks into the other parts of our life, and it becomes an endless, downward spiral.

The definition of “ideal” can be different for everyone. From all my dialogues with people over the years, it seems like excellent company culture is critical. But what is company culture?

Is it an expensive office with a well-stocked snack bar, ping pong table, and free cold brew? Or is it trust, respect, and honesty between your colleagues?

What makes a good company culture – just like the ideal job – will change depending on who you ask. Can we distill it down to something more concrete?

Through my study of Buddhist philosophy, I encountered a relevant quote:

“The value of beauty means to find a job you like; the value of benefit is to get a job that earns you a salary so that you are able to support your daily life; the value of good means to find a job that helps others and contributes to society.”

Working at Forma.ai as a product leader feels like I have finally found a job with beauty, benefit, and good.

A selfie from back when our office was still based out of Nabeil’s living room.

I always look forward to work because of the interesting and challenging problems everyone at Forma.ai is tackling together, the joy we bring our customers and ultimately end-users. We enjoy solving these problems together.

Our mission is to make sales incentive compensation efficient and optimal, delighting our customers while building a company that creates meaningful value for our employees and communities.

We work collaboratively, with no egos, and we value each other’s differences and opinions. I see that we uphold these values in the leadership team, and that cascades throughout the company with everyone leading by example.

Building a company culture at Forma.ai that works for everyone involved is a massive motivation for me – and another way that my job brings beauty and good.

If that sounds like a team you would like to join, then good news: we’re hiring!

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