Forma Architect

Agile Sales Behaviours.

Forma Architect delivers the right incentive, for the right person, at the right time.

Our machine learning engine designs sales compensation that strikes the delicate balance between driving strategy and boosting individual motivation.


How Can We Help You Power Your Sales Team

Behavioral Profiles by Sales Individual

Not all sales associates are created equal.

Forma Architect tracks every incentive plan and sales activity by product, territory, and agent to build an unparalleled understanding of what does and doesn’t motivate your sales team. These are boiled down into simple and actionable incentive insights that help your sales team make more money and increases profit for your organization.

Fairness Testing and Risk Assessments

Creating incentives that are fair, motivational, and risk aligned can help increase retention and manage revenue volatility.

Forma designs incentives that create a level playing field across your sales team to easily identify and manage your top and bottom performers.

Bulletproof Forecasting

The Architect engine uses a combination of statistical forecasting tools with sales team performance data to generate robust sales forecasts.

Our engine also identifies drivers of annual cyclicality and business risk to deliver best-in-class projections that sales teams can stand behind.

Smart Reporting and Insight Generation

Predictive analysis discovers key incentive insights at the individual level to help you proactively manage what works and what doesn’t.

Findings are compiled in the Forma Responder dashboard to proactively recommend compensation adjustments to managers and leadership.

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