Forma Responder

100% Transparency

Sales compensation plans are only effective when team members clearly understand performance targets, actuals, and resulting payouts. Forma Responder feeds live performance updates and sales payout breakdowns to the front line and management, ensuring that sales teams hit their numbers.

Live, continuous performance updates

Allows sales associates to easily understand how payouts are calculated and surface questions directly to the source of truth with Forma’s integrated support feature.


Cross-channel integration

The information you need, always at your finger tips. Responder is complete with both a web and mobile application— tracking performance and hitting targets has never been clearer.


KPI tracking

Track key metrics at the individual or manager level to give instant feedback to sales associates and increase performance visibility. Customize your dashboard to display the key performance indicators that matter most.


Integrated support, immediate response

Responders built-in support function provides a seamless channel for sales teams to ask questions and get the context they need. A dedicated Forma support analyst is always ready to help.

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