Forma Operator

Zero Defect Processing

Free up valuable administrative time and automate compensation processing. Forma Operator easily integrates with your existing systems to automatically process sales compensation, including payout calculations, live data reporting, and territory alignment.

Live data runs and report generation

Generating performance reports and updates manually is time consuming and expensive. Work with our team to set up a customized dashboard to instantly generate a performance snapshot as often as you need.


Automatic redundancy and error checking

Payout errors can cause ripple effects across the organization, ultimately wasting valuable sales time. Forma’s automated error checking process helps eliminate payout errors and keeps sales people spending time on what matters most.


Seamless integration

We understand that adding yet another technology platform to your stack can be a headache. Forma seamlessly integrates with your current process to get up and running on sales compensation automation faster than other solutions on the market.


Territory manager

Managing the allocations of sales accurately and transparently is a critical part of any incentive program. Through the territory manager, geographic and account alignment are managed and communicated to the sales force. Administrators and management teams can modify alignments to better balance territory distribution, improve fairness and maximize sales force effectiveness.


Integrated support. Cloud based. Secure.

Sales compensation is sensitive and complex. Our agents are available for end-to-end support, to address any questions or help your need.

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